We dream together for a better future

Under The Tree project has been designed for children of migrant construction workers living in NOIDA. The objectives of the project are following:

1. Provide elementary education

2. Ensure balanced developement of children

3. Prepare the children for skill training

4. Bring the children to the mainstream and thus reduce the incidents of petty crimes in the area


Informal schools are set up near construction sites or near the hutments of migrant labour. No banner or publicity is used. The teacher ensures one to one contact of with family members of the prospective students and encourage them to send children to the free informal school.

Once the child comes to school, peer learning method is used. Guidance and support in terms of stationaries, books, notebooks, etc are provided. Healthy habits like cleaniness, no to tobacco, etc are inculcated gradually. Fundamentals of readings and writing are introduced. Practical examples from their surroundings are cited throughout the one-hour class in order to motivate them.  Once the children become through with fundamentals, they are encouraged to join Government schools of the area.


Over 110 students have been given elementary knowledge of reading, writing and simple calculations for everyday use successfully. Over thirty per cent of such students enrolled themselves in Governement schools of the locality.


The informal schools have been run at two places so far. The project has been run on self-funding primarily. Some need-based voluntary support in terms of in terms stationaries and notebooks have also come.


The number of children is growing very fast. The informal school requires external funding now to keep it going. The schools requires the following:

  1. Proper sitting arrangementn like mats
  2. Stationaries
  3. Books for various grades
  4. Notebooks
  5. School Dress
  6. A mobile library
  7. A portable gaming kit

Funding Requirement 

Funding is sought for 20 students for now.

Budget for Under The Tree for 2017